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Permanent Recruitment

Novora's Recruitment Consultants specialize in hiring full-time employees for our clients, ensuring a perfect fit for permanent positions within their organizations. Our comprehensive service encompasses various stages, from candidate sourcing and resume screening to conducting interviews and extending job offers. With a deep understanding of our clients' talent acquisition strategies, we focus on long-term success and growth by seamlessly integrating into their processes.

Contract Staffing (ON-SITE & REMOTE)

We offers comprehensive staffing solutions that handle the entire employee management process for our clients. We take care of employment contract ,salary, benefits, taxes and status allowing our clients to focus on supervising and directing the work.Our approach not only offers cost savings for clients but also allows them to maintain flexibility in the staffing requirements.With reduced recruitment time, our clients can quickly find the right candidates from our database and AI solutions.

Bulk Hiring

Novora manages large-scale recruitment projects, allowing companies to rapidly expand their workforce or enter new markets. With our AI-powered applicant tracking systems and branded interviewing tools, we streamline the hiring process , screen candidates, ensuring only the qualified individuals are selected. Our team clearly defines job roles and requirements, reinforces employer branding and maintains constant communication with candidates for regular updates and feedback.

Empowering workforce with Tech & expertise

At Novora, we offer a comprehensive suite of staffing and recruitment solutions designed to optimize your hiring processes and empower your organization. Whether you need contract staffing to flexibly scale your workforce, recruitment process outsourcing to streamline your hiring operations, virtual hiring software to enhance candidate evaluation, or a recruitment assisting mobile app to simplify the hiring journey, we have you covered.

Our services are tailored to meet your unique needs and leverage cutting-edge technology to ensure efficient, effective, and successful talent acquisition. With Novora, you can transform your hiring strategies and unlock the potential of your workforce.

Let's Talk About Your Requirement

My sincere thanks to Novora’s HR division to find an executive position min Abu Dhabi . I was very impressed with the way they educated me about the role and how they stood by me from Day 1.

Alex Mathew - HP UAE

I am quite happy about Novora HR services. They are reliable , well connected and have consistently brought us high-Calibre candidates. They follow up diligently and honour the commitments

Jerin Jose - Milestones Rehabilitation Center

NTG has been instrumental in providing us with the best resources for different business units.Their approach to handling issues and requirements are very mature and with ethics.


As a small business, novora Group was exactly what we needed for HR services. Affordable, professional, and friendly! We absolutely recommend them.

Jeremy D - StudentsTop

Novora is a remote-first company looking to work with the best talent, without regard to borders or time zones , NTG has helped us accelerate those hiring plans.

Aji Raju - Succevo

HRMS platform of novora streamlined our processes pertaining to employee movements and behaviours enhancing people attributes and improving their value proposition.

Arun Mehta - MJB India

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